About Aselo

Child helplines are often the first place called when a child is in crisis. Young people need the right help quickly. Many helplines do not support social media communications platforms and for the few that do, counselors often need to use entirely separate systems to handle the different channels. This makes the process inefficient and data collection difficult.

Unable to reach out on the social media platforms children and youth use, there is a huge and widening gap of millions who still struggle to make contact with child helpline services.

Aselo is a modern contact center platform that unifies the communications work of global child helplines, based on Twilio Flex technology. Aselo will allow children and youth to reach out to helplines using their preferred communications channel rather than just traditional toll-free helpline numbers. Children will have far more access points to reach the help they need including voice, webchat, SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Single Pane Interface

Integrates phone, SMS, webchat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp in one interface.


Allows counselors to work remotely from any location that has Internet connection.


Addresses individual helpline needs including branding, localization and data capture.

Call Center Features

Extensive queue management, interactive voice and text response and real-time call monitoring.

Case Management

Provides case tracking to ensure children do not fall through the cracks.

Reports and Dashboards

Facilitates managing helpline performance and program trend analysis.



Engages children and captures basic information, saving time for counselors.

Data Aggregation

Streamlines and simplifies annual data submission to Child Helpline International.

Security and Privacy

Committed to industry best practices in order to protect children’s data.

Aselo was built to strengthen the global helpline movement and support children in crisis.