Helping people in need

Aselo is a modern cloud-based, open source, contact center system for helplines that connects people with the help they need via phone or their preferred social media channels.

The Challenge

Helplines across the world receive tens of millions of calls every year – relying mainly on voice calls. With limited resources, many of these calls go unanswered. Increasingly, children and teens have turned to social media and text-based messaging as their primary means of communication, particularly when it comes to discussing serious or delicate issues, or if they are vulnerable to harm. It’s critical that helplines meet callers and texters on the platforms they use every day.

teens on mobile
helpline operator

Our Solution

What helplines need is a modern, cloud-based contact center that makes it possible to both connect callers and texters on the platforms they use, as well as improve the productivity of human counselors. Tech Matters, in partnership with Child Helpline International and its worldwide members, has developed Aselo™, an open source, cloud-based tech solution that enables people seeking help to access counselors and services through their preferred channels of communication, whether it be phone, SMS, webchat, or social media channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram. Counselors can respond across these channels in one unified contact center platform designed to improve the helpline’s capacity to respond to callers and texters.

Aselo interface

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